Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Super League'

Rating:3 User: YOR

It's football management again, oh goodie. Well this one has music which is already different, but then you press a button and the music stops and the status quo is resumed. Selecting your team here is bonkers as they are in reverse alphabetical order of position, so for Division 1 the top team is Wimbledon and the bottom team is Arsenal, what maniac thought it was a good idea to order them that way? Anyway I am York in Division 4 because you start in Division 4 regardless and they are top of Division 4 by default, also they sound similar to YOR, so there you go a bit of patriotism somewhat even though I am a Southampton fan for my sins. And then not only that, for picking your team even the players are in reverse order, so the attackers are at the top and the goalies are at the bottom, plus I've David Seaman playing up front for us for some reason. This does offer match highlights which looks very similar to Football Manager, however both teams are the same colour so who is who exactly here? Basically it's whoever is shooting where, do if it reads York 0 Wrexham 0 then we are shooting right, and in the second half it is reversed and it'll read York to the right then we are shooting left, oh and we thumped Wrexham 3-0, see I knew picking the top team would work wonders. This doesn't have a lot of options to play with compared to other management games, like there's no training or transfer market until after a game is finished, but there's also minimal loading time which is exactly what you'd expect for a game of this nature written in machine code rather than BASIC. But the highlights, while a nice touch, are a little bizarre and unrealistic as the ball has a mind of its own, it can be booted clear by the defence and then suddenly stop in mid-air and bounce down in a straight line which is quite the visual. Also when the players on the pitch crowd together and clash, they can magical disappear, and so four players on the pitch suddenly becomes none. It's not a terrible football management game by any means and I've certainly come across far worse, but it's trying to look like Football Manager and it is no Football Manager, saying that it trounces the third one and now I suddenly feel ill remember that exists. But if you're looking a football management game where you can just plow through without really giving a crap about the options and you just want to pick up and play, this is a pretty good option for that.