Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Crotabin'

Rating:3 User: YOR

The title screen describes this as "a very poor clone of the popular little game Sokoban". It's not the fact that it's a very poor clone of Sokoban that upsets me, it's the fact that it's Sokoban full stop that upsets me. The scrolling text also says that "it shouldn't keep you entertained for more than two minutes", well have to say I appreciate Thomas Small's honesty in this one, in fact he's pretty much done the review for me! Well he was honest with us and so I will be frank and honest with him in return, I quite like this. I struggle to sit through a Sokoban game but I sat through this one and actually finished it, it's a very short game, around six levels or so but I wasn't counting. The look is primitive yes, but the speed is good, the key response it frankly excellent, I have played far worse clones compared to this, it's simple and effective and plays well, albeit let down by the lack of graphics and being really short. But I was prepared to end this review by simply saying it's a very poor clone of Sokoban that won't keep you entertained for more than two minutes and don't blame me, he said that at the start before I even played the damn thing, I had that typed in and all and was prepared to just add bit to it in between as I played the game, but all that is out the window because it turned out to be competent and quite pleasing. Who would have funked it? I'm sure it's been done better but it's certainly been done far worse of the Spectrum. So very poor? You haven't seen some of the other clones I've played Mr. Small.