Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Match Point'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

Match point - crash smashed in August 1984 , god that looks a long time ago now , loading it up just to refresh my memory as ive not played it for a couple of years , im instantly transported to a world were all that matters is the ball , two bats and a net .

Entering a virtual wimbledon , (the green grass gives it away ) , i start off slowly but i manage to remember some of the old techniques and get to grips with the computer opponent , destroying him in the last set to reach the semis . Wow , the speed and accuracy by the computer opponent seems to have doubled and i am pummelled left right and centre and left battered and beaten by a much better player than me - the cpu.

The game is simplicity supreme , the graphics are well animated but very basic , although saying that i think it helps the speed of play by keeping it all neat and tidy , leaving the cpu to process ball movement so well.

Its a cracking game , much better than a lot of newer variations of tennis and has stood the test of time very well.