Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Match Day II'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

The aptly named Match Day II (sequel to match day !) was released early in 1987 to rave reviews and a crash smash (making up slightly for the cock up of never smashing match day).

The game was basically an arcade game simulation of a game of football , but they way it was done was second to none on the spectrum (Im looking you right in the eye Emlyn !).

The newly introduced diamond deflection system really made a difference with the ball flying off in the right directions with the right velocity everytime , it really made a difference and felt just right .

The pace wasn't electric , but due to the scale of football - make it too quick and you get games looking unrealistic , make it too slow and again boredom would set in , i think it was just about right .

The gameplay was easy to pick up and especially on the harder levels , very hard to win , the kickometer played a part as well , you couldn't just hoof the ball every kick , it had to be timed or you could end up loosing possession.

It also had a game editor , so you could change all the Ritman Uniteds etc and produce your own premier league or La Liga if you so wished , this was a great feature and added extra spice to the games .

The usual league / cup / single game option were available to play on , but the other option of two player (either together on the same team or against each other) , opened up the chance to show your mates who was the boss !

Overall its a magic game , far and away the best football game on the spectrum , its so enjoyable , well paced , uncomplicated and whether or not some Emlyn fans may disagree , we can't all be right.