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Review of 'Painter, 3D'

Rating:4 User: YOR

I'm here sitting thinking “I could have sworn I reviewed this one, I remember playing it. Maybe I typed one out to publish and then the site went belly up and I forgot about it or even lost it or something like that, but never mind let's look at it now.” Then I loaded the game and suddenly remembered....I couldn’t start the game, that's why I haven't reviewed it. For some reason the keyboard setting doesn't work here so I just mapped the kempston joystick to the keyboard and finally I am off and running with this game, and it's quite nice actually. First off, there's fuck all 3D about it, are we really surprised? It's basically Amidar except you're having to avoid a wondering lunatic and plus you've a time limit, but it's simple to get into and can be quite fun and I did rather like it. However, the controls are a bit fiddly, at times unresponsive and you only have one life, so one hit and your game ends. But there were more positives than negatives and it's easily the best game I've reviewed in a while if my recent reviews are anything to go by. With that in mind I might be a little generous with my rating but hey I like it and I'm a miserable git, so it did its job.