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Review of 'Four Minutes from Glory'

Rating:1 User: YOR

To be honest, from first look at this I thought it was a Speedway game as Lambourne Games have quite the collection of Speedway games in their catalogue, but it turns out to be running or more precisely, the 1500 metres. From the 48 runners listed you get to represent between five and twelve that they select for you, which is a bit meany if you ask me. At the start you train the runners, including ones which you don't represent which is confusing, and during which three of my runners got injured which is very meany if you ask me. Then the race draw is being made and subscript wrong error appeared, game over, and thus happend ever bloody time I picked 12 runners, so I just went with 5 and hooray we are finally in and this is where things get really confusing, I chose five runners, we have five runners in this race and you basically have control of every single one of them in the race and have to do commands for them and thus results in the slowest race ever, and this rate it's going to take like five weeks to complete this one race. But that was just single race, what happens if you do a championship? Are you one runner in a quest to best the rest and become champion of the world? No you're ALL of them! Yes that's right you take control of all 48 runners. Good grief! If you have the patience for this game then good luck to you because I certainly did not. No thank you forever in a day to this one.