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Review of 'Splitting Images'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

Split Personalities was published as Splitting Images first, then due to the similarity of its title with that of a British TV show called Spitting Images, it was renamed as Split Personalities. For this reason, my review below is copied and pasted from that of SP, except for the obvious name change towards the end ;-)

A great puzzle games where you must put together the portraits of some celebrities from Ronald Reagan to Marilyn Monroe (although to this day I still don't understand who the couple of level 8 is supposed to be). The catch is that you cannot just put the pieces into place and get away with it; the walls of the assembling area get progressively filled with cracks which push the blocks away when hit. You play against a time limit and on later levels, pieces will also push each other if there is not an obstacle in their direction.

Apart from the puzzle pieces, you will also find several icons. Some can give you more points or time, or even kill you instantly when colliding each other (the gas can and the lit match). You also have to stay alert for bombs - which can be neutralized with a faucet icon for 5000 points.

Splitting Images is a puzzle game with fast arcade traits. Original, well-presented and addictive. A real classic.