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Review of 'Bombscare [2]'

Rating:4 User: Alessandro Grussu

This budget offering from Firebird puts you in command of a nice little robot called ARNOLD. Your task is to defuse a bomb planted by evil Aliens into a terrestrial space station orbiting around Neptune. To do this, you must find four tools and finally go to the bomb, before the whole place blows up. You could also run straight to the exit, but that would be lame to say the least (boo!).
The playing area is huge and is presented in semi-isometric 3D. Luckily, there are 8 teleport stations scattered around which can make your exploration easier, once you get to know their names in order to move between them! Alien invaders infest the area, you can zap them with your lasers but ammunition is limited, as well as your energy, which inevitably drops when you make contact with your enemies.
Graphics are neat, although there is not much variation between the various screens, and sound is your average collection of 48K bleeps and noises. Gameplay is based on exploration, and the nasties are best avoided, since the droid moves rather fast and hitting them with the laser can be tricky.
Although neither very original nor complex, Bombscare is competently made and gives the player a respectable amount of entertainment, as every game in the £1.99/Lit. 5000 price range should do.