Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Mission Omega'

Rating:3 User: Alessandro Grussu

In 2731, a mysterious alien artifact the size of our Moon, named Omega by Earth authorities, is heading towards the Earth. The Windraith spacecraft is the only ship close enough to approach Omega before it reaches Earth.
At the command of the Windraith, you must send robots aboard the Omega - which appears to be a gigantic automated spaceship - in order to find and destroy its four engines. You only have an hour to do so, before Omega collides with the Earth. Engines can only be destroyed with rockets, and your only robot able to be armed with rockets can only carry five of them.
You can assemble several types of robots through a curious menu/icon-driven interface, selecting their chassis, weapons and special equipment. Then you must drive them through the depths of Omega.
I must say I have always been fascinated by the basic idea of Mission Omega, and the interface used in the planning and design part is something you very rarely experience on a Spectrum title: it works well and is pleasant to see. Unfortunately, the final outcome is not that great. Graphics are sketchy and make the vast game world look plain and dull, while sound is almost non-existent. The problems you may face on Omega limit themselves to negotiating the odd guard robot and flipping some switches to turn off barriers blocking your way. The time allotted for the mission also seems quite tight given that you have to navigate around a large area where it is not hard to get lost, due to the similarity between screens.
Mission Omega is a brave attempt at creating something different from the average Spectrum "fare", but it should have been turned into a much better and captivating game than this.