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Review of 'Stifflip & Co.'

Rating:5 User: Zagrebo

Ingenious stuff which, surprisingly, didn't lead to any imitators. 'Stifflip...' is basically a graphic-adventure with all of the commands selected using a mixture of icons and text but the clever thing is the actions being played out in the form of a cartoon strip complete with speech-bubbles. An additional fighting element requiring mild arcade skills adds a little spice to a rather tasty game.

The setting is also brilliant. During the inter-war years, four clich├ęd Brits find themselves in South America on the trail of the villainous Count Chameleon. There are a lot of pokes at the attitudes of late-imperial Britain and it's all jolly good fun; reminiscent of a parody of Edgar Rice Burroughs or, more accurately, the Sexton Blake stories.

My only real criticism is that there was no sequel.