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Review of 'Wall'

Rating:2 User: YOR

It's Breakout and it contains a 128K version Wham!'s Bad Boys, though I don't think it's off Mark Alexander's Wham! Music Box so I won't tell them off for it. This is basically a 128K upgrade of Thro' the Wall, an old Breakout clone from 1982. The game plays pretty much exactly the same but it now has additional in-game tune and it's a pretty annoying one, especially when it seems to stutter when things are moving, yet when you sit still and the ball travels straight upwards it runs quicker. But I suggest you play this game with the music off because it's quite irritating. Tell you what though, it may be a 128K upgrade technically but quality wise it's no upgrade at all, in fact it's no better or possibly slightly worse because of the dreadful music associated with it. Call me senile but if it's a supposed upgrade of an ancient game I expect it to be an improvement and it very much isn't.