Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Who Dares Wins II'

Rating:1 User: pet1

The story of this game is very unusual and weird.
The programming team of "Commando" went out one night and ended up at the pub of the local mob boss, who recognized them when he saw them.
The boss was angry about his non-working copy of Commando, so he ordered his minions to kidnap them and bring them into the office so that they themselves would try to load the game successfully.
However they were not able, probably due to a deterioration in the cassette tape. Further enraged, the mafia boss then decided to have the programming team locked in the office until they were able to run the game by coding directly from keyboard!
For 3 days and 3 nights they were painstakingly coding and typing with no help other than the boss' Spectrum, an old cassette player with some spare tapes, and some notebooks. Finally, they finished this unexpected version of the game as best as they could and, satisfied with the effort, the boss allowed them to return.
So this game could be considered good, polished, bug-free and sophisticated given the exceptional and dire circumstances in which it was created.