Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers'

Rating:4 User: Zagrebo

The received wisdom on this game these days is that it pales next to its illustrious prequel but this attitude misses the point. 'Coconut Capers' is nothing like the original 'Jack the Nipper', nor was it intended to be. Whilst the original was an arcade-adventure which relied heavily on take-this-drop-it-here gameplay the sequel is a platformer in the Monty Mole mode with the arcade-adventure aspect significantly reduced. As such, it's a very different game to play and the environment (an Australian jungle rather than the urban Britain of the first game) gives it a whole new feel. Jack's sprite is full of character, the "everyone in sunglasses" shtick is fun, the graphics are superb (the Spectrum version beats the C64 and CPC versions visually by a country mile) and the 48K sound is great.

It retains some of the problems of the original (it can be a little tricky and some of the puzzles are a little obscure) but this is by no means an inferior sequel.