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Review of 'Alien 8'

Rating:5 User: manu

Ultimate made history. They were always one of the best ones creating games. And they always received a lot of criticism, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Consider it this way: if you are so criticized you cannot leave anyone indifferent. In the specific case of Alien 8, it was probably their last great game (although their worst games could be the best of most of the companies that competed for a slice of the pie). Keep in mind that Nightshade and the later ones did not have so much "magic". Specifically, Filmation II (or whatever it was called) was a great innovation but it was not properly exploited .

So we have that Nightshade and Gunfgright somehow missed the opportunity to be their last really big creation (even tough the two were excellent games).
Alien 8 on the other hand can be considered one of their true top games, quality-wise and playability.