Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Firelord'

Rating:4 User: ALIEN_8

Games as well done as this are not very abundant. It is an adventure genre reminiscent of role-playing games. There are original facets like getting some merchandise; You can also try to steal them without getting caught. (When they don't look).

The technical aspect is flawless. Although the printing of the graphics is done with a technique that erases the old ones by overwriting with the same before the new graphic (XOR), it is to give a fast pace to the game and because it is not necessary something more techie because of how well structured the screens are. Excellent art and very varied colors. The synchronization between all these elements is fabulous. And the final result exceeds the individual sum of its elements.
There really is nothing left behind. And the playability and ease of use an example set in stone. One of the immortal superclassics of the Spectrum