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Review of 'Battle Cows'

Rating:2 User: YOR

This is a weird one. It's listed as a strategy/war game which is one genre I said I'll never cover on this site along with text adventures, JSW clones, Harry Price's theft catalogue and all those bloody goddam train games that exist, but, cows, who can resist? This was written as part of the 2014 Crap Games Compilation and indeed the author of the game Anders Karlsson, a Swede I presume, is quite a veteran of the Crap Games scene and has written several games for it over the years. Here the objective is take your cows from your side to their side by getting close to them and attacking them, and the attack is basically them drawing a number and the highest one wins the round, two rounds and the battle is yours and the other cow perishes to be on somebody's plate for dinner. Well, I was disappointed with this but then it's a Crap Game so what did I expect? It did its job.