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Review of 'Kung Fu'

Rating:1 User: YOR

I was presented at random an unknown version of Kung Fu but could have sworn it was similar, and it was. Though I never touched it it appears to be exactly the same as Kung Fu by Your Computer, even The Dean's reviews for both games are identical, so hence I'm reviewing that one instead. And you know what? I really wish I hadn't. First of all it's a two player game, always a problem when there's one person playing and reviewing this game. Secondly the keys were designed by a madman, for the blue fighter we have W E to move, 1 to duck, Caps Shift for K and Z to punch, and for red we have U I, 0 ducks, Enter kicks and L to punch, good luck getting your fingers around them. I know it's a two player game on one keyboard so obviously they have to be closely together for one player and one each side of the keyboard because they correctly predicted social distancing would be in place but what was wrong with W E, A to duck, S to Kick and Z to punch, that would have been so much easier than whatever you got here. And third the hit detection, it is a bit all over the place. Most of the time you will go through your opponent rather than hit him and so effectively beating your opponent is down to chance more than anything. And you need 20 hit points to win, TWENTY, at this rate it'll take me three weeks to get this one done. I only managed three hits in about eleven attempts before calling it quits. I think I'll stick with Yie Ar Kung-Fu thank you very much.