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Review of 'Icicle Works'

Rating:2 User: YOR

There are games here that were criminally ripped off by Satan, er I mean Harry Price, and then there was Icicle Works which was ripped off TWICE! Mind Your Head by Tynesoft in 1986 and Gangplank in 1987 by the ironically and prophetically named Pirate Software both stole code from this game. What a bastard. This could have been a decent Boulder Dash game but has letdowns. The scrolling is one and a second is it doesn't seem to give you enough time to complete a level bar the gimme first level and the slowdown associated with the scrolling doesn't help. Pity really because the potential was there but it doesn't quite meet them. But at least it debunks the myth that Harry Price only ripped off shit games to make them even shittier, because this is not terrible by any means.