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Review of 'Touchdown'

Rating:3 User: YOR

Here's an American Football game advertised by sports management heavyweights D&H which was never released due to the company's closure. This seems to be well-written and looks like it could have been the definitive American Football management game had it been released. It didn't have the same flaws most of the other ones had which were essentially Soccer management game re-written for American Football, this one isn't. However, the player selection was not intuitive, it took me forever to work out how to select my best players and then move from one screen to another, and then how to switch from offense to defence. The lack of instructions hurts this considerably. Also, while the match screen is nicely detailed with good information on good plays and how many yards you gained or lost etc, but it was very slow paced, even more so than most Soccer management games. However, this can be changed from a menu I believe and plus you can speed up the emulator so fair enough. It's clear a lot of work and effort went into this game from a clear fan of the sport, clearly sick to death that pretty much all American Football management games were underwhelming and simply football managers re-branded as American Football as if we weren't to know the difference. So while the game strays on the boring side and the menus were a hassle, I admire the effort put into this and it's a real shame for him that this was never released.