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Review of 'Elite'

Rating:5 User: zxspectrum128

Elite is the first game to create an open world to explore for the player.
Combined with great gameplay this fact alone justifies a rating of 5 - Excellent.
The players even decide what they want to be: trader, miner, bounty hunter, explorer or even criminal - or any combination of these.
The choice is yours and that is utterly great. This level of freedom even equals Skyrim which was produced in 2011!
Of course some ways to play are way more boring than others. Only trading and mining in safe planetary systems is anything but exciting.
But like I said, the choice is yours and you may change your playing style anytime you please. There is no cumbersome re-skilling necessary for you or your trusty Cobra MK III.
Grinding up is only necessary during the first hours of play until you get "an iron ass" (quote from the instructions) to fly around with.
Speaking of instructions, there is an excellent novella which puts you in the right mood for space exploration. Give my regards to Fleischer! ;-) Heck, I even considered to get a red uniform tailored for me once I got to Elite status. Didn't have the dosh to do so, though...
And there are some special missions to spice up the life of commander Jameson. I still vividly remember destroying the Isrema space station which was infested by Thargoids. This had me sweating blood.
The best setup IMHO is a rubber key Spectrum with an Elite overlay plus a programmable joystick interface + QuickShot II firmly sucked onto the table.
This way you always have full control over your ship and a finger over all important keys like "E" for the ECM system to counter any missiles launced at your ship from close distances (these sneaky bastards).
Bottom line:
While Elite isn't everybody's cup of tea (which game is anyway?), it's achievements in open world creation, freedom of choice and gameplay were groundbreaking and therefore Elite well deserves the legendary status it has.
Even today you can have tons of fun on your way from Harmless to Elite status.
I seriously consider to embark on that mission once more in the near future.