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Review of 'Gazza's Super Soccer'

Rating:1 User: YOR

This deserves to be listed as one of the worst Speccy games ever, this is appalling. Everything about this game is bad, there's hardly any control with your players, passing doesn't exist, the goalies are shit, the players are confused, it's just badly programmed and badly designed. I even had a player from the other team miss an open goal. I even had a player on my team lose the ball from a throw-in, literally before he's even thrown the ball it's taken away from him by an opposing player and he's moving around the pitch with his arms up ready for a throw-in but with no ball, and so instead he's prancing around the screen like a ballerina, or like John Inman “I'm freeee”. But good lord what a disastrous game this is and this was a fucking tenner as well. Words fail me. There are bad soccer games and then there's this. Like “Macho Man” Randy Savage this game is the cream of the crop but for all the wrong reasons.