Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Skool Daze'

Rating:5 User: manu

With Skool Daze we reached one of the great goals of the Spectrum. A game that could perfectly change the history of our machine. That is, if it does not appear, what course would the development of the ZX games catalog without SD have followed?

Today and for a long time, games allow almost infinite actions. In 1984/5 I hardly move (one or at most two axes) and I shoot, or perhaps jump (only rarely both). With Skool Daze there are a large number of possible actions, and they all have a logic and a specific purpose. The fun is continuous and at the same time the tension (make mistakes and you will be punished with the typical lines of sentences that you write on the board. 10000 means being expelled, repeating the course and therefore defeat.

Nothing remotely like it had ever been seen before.
A new era was born.