Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Arkanoid'

Rating:5 User: uselesses

I had this when I was in posession of a +3 with a nice quick floppy drive on it.This game came with it on a compilation of games on disk.Went through a phase of practically playing it everyday for a good few months :o)
I was rather into the recreational side of things at the time.Me and a /friend a 14inch colour telly etc..Anyway the game was very good like the way you could follow the ball as it never went slower than the ball moved.It seemed fair.It also was very polished(The intro got a bit annoying tho, everytime you started a new game).The power ups were a great feature and this is probably the best way a game like this can be done for the Spectrum.Maybe I woulda added more powerups and made that 3rd level less annoying :o).Also the other games like Batty and Arkananoid2 was mono and with my eyesight no good for me.I tried Krakout but wasnt taken with it.I liked Poing on the Amiga though and that was from the same angle as Krakout.
Anyway I finished this game and was very satisfied.
A+ from me.