Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Theatre Europe'

Rating:3 User: Matt_B

Released just a few years before the Cold War came to an end this game had an interesting scenario; a war in Europe between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. It's initially a conventional conflict, although things can rapidly escalate into nuclear Armageddon.

Like many other PSS wargames of the time, there's an arcade sub-game which you will almost certainly just play the once to see how bad it is before disabling it entirely.

Personally, I'd have preferred the space to have been devoted to a multi-screen map, but I'd guess it was just a reality of the day that pure strategy games generally didn't sell.

It's an OK game, passable for its time, but has neither the beautiful simplicity of the likes of Chaos or Viking Raiders or the complexity and historical accuracy of Arnhem or Desert Rats.