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Review of 'Alien 8'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Ultimate Play The Game (UK)
by Chris & Tim Stamper

Alien 8 is obviously a great game, no question about it. But it wouldn't be fair to treat it the same way as the previous Knight Lore, or the later Nightshade and Gunfright, because it added very little to what was already done and it would devalue the pioneering of the mentioned games. It's indeed a good game with an interesting plot. This time the objects (valves) must be put in different sockets throughout the ship-shaped maze, 25 if I'm not mistaken, instead of going strait to the same room, like it happened with Knight Lore. There are some other interesting features, not particularly innovative, but very original and damn good, like the remote controlled bots, for instance.

So I totally understand this game having a special place in anyone's heart who first played it back in the good old days, its that good, but technically it's Knight Lore in new clothes.

4,5 points.