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Review of 'Alien 8'

Rating:5 User: ALIEN_8

After a couple of years seeing these interesting reviews and ratings, I decided to write my review of the game to which I pay tribute with my nick.

Trying to give my version of a title unfairly forgotten or at least not valued enough.

Alien 8 will always be in Knight Lore's shadow but only because it appeared later. Quake 2 also appeared after Quake and is considered better, in the same way that the former is worse than Quake 3. Another issue is the merit of developing the technology, however Alien 8 introduced quite a few novelties and details of great originality. Reactivating the chambers in a room is quite an experience ... As well as operating the demining robot by remote control ... Each Game Over involves a complex and sophisticated reprogramming process. Even the map has the shape of the spaceship!
Of course there appeared and will continue to appear better games in graphics, music, sound, effects, plot, etc, but the balance and excellence achieved at all levels as early as 1985 makes it timeless. Never a software, without being the first of its kind, was so superior to its peers.

Personally, Alien 8 will always be linked to how a good Saturday morning should be.

That's all, I may criticize some other game but:
a) In no case will my grade exceed that of Alien 8
b) They will always be historical games that I will judge as worthy of at least the second highest grade.
Such a way of expressing that everything I review other than Alien 8 will be awarded 4 out of 5!