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Review of 'Sir Fred'

Rating:4 User: Alemâo

For 1986, with so much trash of little originality coming out at times, it is a very good twist of the adventure genre

It's true This doesn't offers you more on the exploration side, but that's not its point, being more the variety of movements and actions, the show of ability and the classic skills an arcade adventure requires. And overall, the search for solutions to advance.

Fortunately, This game also has its puzzle-solving side !!!

Therefore, in terms of originality, this game stands out more than the average.

It does not seem, in principle, a marvel of those that make history, but if you get involved a little in its gameplay (rather than in its plot, because it is simple) you discover what it shines in it.

And yes, it is true that the best testimony of its quality is the extremely high level reached by the masterpiece of its main programmer.

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