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Review of 'Amaurote'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Mastertronic Added Dimension (UK)
by John Pickford, Ste Pickford and David Whittaker

As the story goes, the city of Amaurote as been invaded by giant insects and it's the player's job to clear each district from this dreadful colonies of bugs.
So you are alone with an Arachnus 4 armored car and radar equipment.
To help you on your mission, you have bombs, which will jump out of the top of the Arachnus head and bounce until they hit something, this requires good aiming skills. There are also special bombs which have a more devastating effect, those have to be found in the each district in order to be used. The bugs, which look like giant flies, by the way, are ruled by a queen which must be sought of and destroyed.

Amaurote is one heck of a great game and one of the best Isometric games ever written on a Speccy. The 128k version also features some of the best animated fx's and animated sequences I've ever seen on a Speccy and together with Glider Rider, the best trail in-game music I've ever heard, creating a great atmosphere while you play.
The game is highly addictive despite being so hard to complete.