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Review of 'Buzzsaw+ (Foxton Locks Mix)'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

2011 Written by Jason Railton & Mister Beep

Buzzsaw is based around a 1992 game called Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, which in turn is the third game in the Cosmo Gang series.
This unofficial conversion to the Spectrum, not only does the original justice, but it's also impressive in a few aspects. I mean a few, because if you take away the multicolouring, known as Rainbow Graphics, this is just a Tetris game with a twist. In fact in the late 80's, Rainbow Graphics, were already being used, Dan Dare, Action Force II, etc, to name just a few.
Sure it's playable, sure it's fun, specially if you enjoy puzzle games, but in the end it's Tetris all over again.

Needless to say I'm not a great Tetris fan neither of puzzle games. I played them, sometimes with enjoyment other times a bit cold, and I think I can be impartial enough, but maybe my review is influenced by that alone.