Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Android Two'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1983 Vortex Software (UK)
by Costa Panayi

An improvement over it's predecessor, with a better plot and a new perpendicular 3D view.
This time the controls are better chosen and no rotating option, which enhances the game tremendously and makes it very playable, even thou it's as hard, if not harder than the first. To anyone who played Cyclone or Tornado Low Level, the graphics are immediately recognizable, the trees, the mazes all make their appearance in the 3 games.

There are four areas where Android Two must go in order to eliminate his adversaries. The game starts with the Maze of Death, which is a very hard maze to negotiate, then moves on to 3 more mazes, similar in looks and apparently even harder. After killing all the Militoids, the snake looking creepies he has to return to the initial transporter in order to move on to the next maze. This can be quite tricky because the transporter is just a white column similar to so many others placed around the mazes.
Overall one of the best games of 1983, almost spoiled by it's difficulty, strangely it retains an addictive quality exactly due to it's difficulty. Thankfully Costa was on the verge of making some of the best games ever published on a Spectrum.