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Review of 'Carlos Sainz'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1990 Zigurat Software (Spain)
by Jose Miguel Gomez, Manuel Rosas & Jose Antonio Merino

I feel about this game the same I did with Sito Pons. It's playable, the car looks good, although more from some angles than others. But it lacks fluidity, smoothness. Were talking about racing games, here, people. With so much flickering, it's really hard to enjoy a game like this. A bit of color would also be welcome, like in Paris Dakar, published by the same company.
I always felt Spanish games attractive on the back cover of the cassette tape, with great screenshots of the actual game and the works, but once you played them, what a disappointment. I'm sorry if I'm generalizing, but most Spanish games are all looks and no gameplay.
Again, like I said about Sito Pons, both games are playable enough, but I rather stick with older titles like Full Throttle if I wanna play a racing game, otherwise I'll play some retro MAME roms.