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Review of 'Super Sprint'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Electric Dreams Software (UK)
by Tony Mack & Mark A. Jones

Not a bad conversion of the Atari coin-op, but after you've played the original game it feels a bit underwhelmed.
It takes some time to get the complete hang of the car, and in the beginning can be quite frustrating. The use of the braking system in curves is absolutely recommended.
The game allows for two players, a very welcome feature. There is also several tracks to choose from and you can choose any, and after that you will progress into the next. Golden wrenches give you power ups, like turbo speed or tires better suitable for the track and a few other objects scattered about the track will have different effects. Oil, bonuses, etc. There is also a tornado spinning thru the track while the race happens, which most be avoided. This a fun little game that could have been better if only it was easier to control. There a couple better games similar to this one available to play which are much more rewarding.