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Review of 'Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix'

Rating:4 User: p13z

Just discovered this one from a review on here, and lost myself playing it for a couple of hours.
A Spanish PC "isometric" motorbike game, bravely converted to the Speccy. Control is tricky but fair. Beginners are aided, and more proficient players challenged, with a choice of difficulty settings. It takes a bit of time in practice mode to master the bike and circuits, which is worth doing - as crashing during competitions can be a punishing and tedious experience.
As with most racing games, it probably hasn't aged well - there are better gaming choices more suited to the genre these days. But I reckon I would have spent some serious time with this, if I had access to it back in the day. It certainly looks good compared to some of the competition.
It is an ambitious game to release on the Speccy - and they get away with it. They didn't "nail it" though - the slick look and large graphics come at the expense of frame-rate. I do love the depth, look and technical challenge of this game - and would consider scoring it a 5, given its age and contemporaries - if it ran smoother. Ultimately, frame-rate is king in racing games, and this falls short in that department. A good game nonetheless.