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Review of 'Paintcraze! + Battle of Broken Bridge + Icarus Igginbotham, The'

Rating:2 User: YOR

And now for a conclusive look at the compilation itself.

Paintbrush 2
A simple Painter game let down by bastard spider. A much better offering from R. Massey compared to Wash 'n' Stosh however.

The Battle of Broken Bridge 2
Lacking in quality and re-play value. Somehow feels blander than The Colliery in the previous compilation I looked at.

Icarus Iggingbotham 2
Very nearly got a 1 for an alleged lack of objective but once worked out it's mediocre at best. Its speed/difficulty options give it a sense of re-play value and thus is probably the better game a result but not quite the standout game compared to The Scrapyard previously.

Overall 2
I fel somewhat disappointed with this one. On one hand you have three games which aren't rubbish, that aren't Wash 'n' Stosh quality of bad and there's a far better game from the same author of that game in this, which therefore makes this the better compilation. On the other hand though, what you do get is three mediocre games, three games with the same level of quality, none of which are very good. There isn't a standout game amongst them, which makes this the worse compilation. This was sold for the same price, £3.45, so if this cost more I would have been more aggrieved but again you got exactly what you paid for, three games that are bland, annoying and not very good.