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Review of 'Battle of Broken Bridge, The'

Rating:2 User: YOR

It's a Clifford Brookes game which should mean we get a fairly competent and playable game like his two offerings in the previous compilation, but what we don't get is hilarious text, it is quite notmal which disappoints me a bit. You know what else disappointed me a bit? This game. You're on a hot air balloon and you're being shot at by a deadly hunter in which you must drop sangbags on his head to put him in the water. There are eight rounds to complete but I got up to 4 and then lost. This is a game you can play, it has competence and it has a structure that works, the problem though is it somehow feels blander than The Colliery. It's not terrible by any means, not Wash 'n' Stosh level by any means, but it's just bland, there's almost nothing to it and there's absolutely no reason to play it again after one attempt.