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Review of 'Paintcraze!'

Rating:2 User: YOR

I've decided to look at another three game compilation from 5D Software much like the one I reviewed recently containing the accursed Wash 'n' Stosh which still continues to haunt me in my sleep. And if there are any more too bad because I'm moving on from these after this one and thus I'm not searching, for that's how this one came to light. This one is by R. Massey, responsible for the aforementioned Wash 'n' Stosh and are the only two games he wrote, while the other two are from Cliff Brookes who wrote The Colliery and The Scrapyard on the previous compilation as well, so we could have the very same result of this game of R. Massey being shit and two games from Mr. Brookes being quite competent and playable. But let's see shall we? Paintcraze, or Paint Kraze as the game suggests, fair enough, is a Painter game, paint the screen red, and relax, a nice easy one and indeed a far better concept, except you have a spider to avoid and he is an absolute bastard and can actually kill you instantly upon respawn and before you know it your game ends. What a shame as this is by far an away a better game than Wash 'n' Stosh but is also more frustrating and difficult and as such, on both games I have not made it out of screen 1. So this is a better game but in truth neither game is great and both are to a degree unplayable.