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Review of 'DreamWalker: Alter Ego 2'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

2014 RetroSouls (Russia)
by Denis Grachev, Sergey Kosov, Aleksey Golubtsov, Yuri Potapov & Alexey Bilichenko

This is indeed an excellent game and yes it was written using new upgraded programming techniques. It doesn't even look like a Speccy game, so unusual are some of the techniques implemented. Progress can be a good thing, but I'm more oriented to the old school styles.

You play the Dream Walker and is Alter Ego in a dreamy world, you must alternate between both in order to complete each level. It may seem confusing at first but you quickly get the handle of it. No instructions needed.
The game plays like any platform out there, but this is more a puzzle game than an arcade. Kudos to the authors for the attention to detail, even the cassette covers look professional.