Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Target: Renegade'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

This is a decent beat 'em up and a worthy follow-up to the earlier Renegade, and the high point in the series before the disappointment of Renegade 3.

The Spectrum's inability to handle multicoloured sprites inevitably makes it look a bit drab compared to the better fighting games on other formats at the time. Still, even when there are plenty of big sprites on screen it all moves pretty quickly and it's well programmed within the limitations of the hardware.

In gameplay terms it's pretty good too; you've got a good selection of moves and can even work combos on multiple enemies sometimes. However, they're all quite easily dispatched once you work out which moves they're most vulnerable to and you can even go quite a long way on the flying kick alone, so it's perhaps a little lacking in terms of variety.

On the whole it's a pretty good game, and easily amongst the better beat 'em ups, but it just comes across as trying to do too much with a genre that the Spectrum isn't particularly well suited to.