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Review of 'Atlantis'

Rating:3 User: ABU

Riiiggghht…..no instructions on WOS with this one, but after bit of investigation, I’ve worked them out (ok I found an inlay on another site). I couldn’t get anywhere without them so pay attention. You play a diver swimming along 4 levels in an ocean. There are greens sharks and white fish to kill with your harpoon but your main task is to rescue a swimming man and a purply jellyfish thingy. Once done, the next levels have pearls to get, and mermaids to rescue. The baddies change and Neptune pops up randomly looking rather like an annoyed green witch. The graphics are rather on the odd side, quite large and colourful but a bit like teletext/ceefax. The sharks crumble to bones satisfyingly when shot and the crabs turn into crab paste. The sound has a continuous medley of tunes – again this is rather strangely done. Overall not a bad little game with a nice title screen. I found it enjoyably daft, but too easy once you know what you’re doing.