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Review of 'Blood Brothers'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Gremlin Graphics Software (UK)
by Steve Marsden, David Cooke, S. Leighton & Ben Daglish

For starters, this game has one of the most interesting, original and well made loading screens I've ever came across. All loading screen should be like this.
About the game itself, which technically is very different from anything Gremlin Graphics put out there, is also quite interesting.
The game is supposed to be played by two players or alternately by a solo player. If the first option is fine, the second is just wishful thinking, not only because the game is hard, and you die quite quickly but also because using a sets of 5 keys together with a joystick is just not practical.
The game is comprised of two levels, the jet bike section and the platform one. Both are really well done, with smooth movement, but they don't go together all that well, it looks like Gremlin Graphics picked up two games they knew wouldn't sell much and just joined together like Siamese Twins.