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Review of 'Kosmic Kanga'

Rating:1 User: Morkin

I'm not quite sure how this game got a Crash Smash. My first suggestion might be to point at the four months of advertising revenue that Micromania paid for. Similarly with Big K, another four months of advertising and 100% scores across the board. But hey, that'd just be cynical, right?

Anyway, the game's premise is on the whole OK - you control a kangaroo leaping from platform to platform across a scrolling landscape, picking up objects that increase your score and avoiding moving enemies. Graphics are fairly colourful and it's got the look of a well-presented early 80s simple but playable arcade game.

The issue I have is that the game's challenge, and its unique selling point (USP) is based around the fact that your marsupial is horribly uncontrollable. The programmer is obviously competent - I'm sure they could have changed the controls so that you could change either your lateral movement or the height of the jump while you're in the air. Or at very (very) least, have some sort of indicator to see how high your next bounce is going to be.

But hey, perhaps they did that and thought the game was too easy. As a result, you end up watching on as your erratic Kanga slowly and painfully leaps towards an enemy that has just emerged on the screen, knowing that because you're in the air and mid-jump you have no chance to avoid it.