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Review of 'Short Circuit'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Ocean Software (UK)
by Paul Owens, Ronnie Fowles & Simon Golding

Tie-in for the movie with same name, this is one of those games were instructions are fundamental, otherwise the experience becomes rather frustrating.
Even more, when all the rooms look much alike.
But, if you happen to come across the instructions and enjoy this sort of games, where objects have to be found, placed or replaced somewhere in the map, then this will be a good title for you.

The use of computers and passwords makes the game much more interesting than just trading objects from here to there. Still, a bit of variety in the rooms would have been welcome, thankfully the background tune helps kill boredom quite effectively.

The second part of the game, a side scrolling shoot 'em up, seems more of a joker bonus game than anything else. It's nicely done, but without a proper ending becomes a bit pointless.