Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Knight Lore'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

Synonymously linked to the zx spectrum - knight lore - the jaw dropping classic from Ultimate play the game !

Sabreman has been cursed by a wicked magician , by night he becomes the dreaded werewolf , by day he returns to human form , the only way to stop the spell is to collect a seemingly random array of objects and drop them into the magicians cauldron which will eventually free the curse.

The gameplay (for anyone who doesn't know) is a 3d isometric arcade adventure , you can carry 3 objects to help you along the way , other objects such as chairs , blocks and tables can be used to ward off enemies or reach hard to get items.

It plays fairly simply now compared to some of the later isometric games (head over heels , get dexter , movie etc) but it still has a magical charm , the graphics are monochrome but very detailed , some of the puzzles are ingenious requiring you to be the werewolf (greater jump height) and overall its really well designed.

I'm sure knight lore will always remain a true classic to spectrum owners.