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Review of 'SQIJ!'

Rating:1 User: arda


No one actually solved the puzzle of Caps-lock bug, and how this game managed to find it's way to Your Sinclair's "News" page *and* market shelves.

The game was written in Laser Basic, and distributed with laser basic binaries in memory, which is not legal. So you got full price LaserBasic with squij at budget price!

If you break and check the basic program, you will see the most interesting IF-goto list ever. I'm sure the game's current situation can be explained by spagetti code, and you can see the autor's mental situation in it too: "Well done old bean! You've done it! But for me, it means another 2 months in a dark dank bedroom (which badly needs decorating) writeing a followup. Oh well"

So it's a state of the art creation of carefree people, from it's author to the publisher. But because it brings fun and joy to the scene (read DigitalPrawn's review for a good laugh please) it needs a higher score then "1". But I don't want to ruin its success of "unsuccesfulness", so Sqij will have another "1" from me.

wait... "sqij?" what's that?