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Review of 'Ping Pong'

Rating:5 User: arda

Actually, I'm not a fan of ping pong, but it seems, Doug Burns' game created a quite hype when it was being marketed.

The game somehow has Joffa's footprint. The title music was coded by joffa, and he even persuaded Burns to change his name into "Bernie Duggggs" on the title screen. Very Joffa style.

The playability is very nice, it's kind of easy to play, yet there is still space for mastering at the game.Actually, it's a nice arcade conversion. It will give you what you expect from a ping-pong game for sure. Looking at the reviews, Burns is very content about his game too.

it's hard to give a ping pong game a 5, but it is prime quality 48k game, so here it is: a 5.