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Review of 'Space Rider Jet Pack Co.'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1990 Hi-Tec Software (UK)
by Nigel Speight

A below average shoot 'em up situated in a maze. You move your test pilot astronaut thru a series of underground caves until a much deeper underground city. It's main mission is to test the latest Jet Pack for it's company, but planet 23 is also rich in valuable minerals so the company gives a new mission: collect all the minerals and take them back to Earth. The planet is guarded by an alien power, who takes pleasure in spoiling our hero's job. There are other objects to collect, with different purposes, but not necessarily essential.
The game is simple, easy to get into, but due to weak programming, specially for a 1990 title, it tends not to be so playable as it could be.