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Review of 'Space Rider Jet Pack Co.'

Rating:2 User: Ketmar

Another awful game from Hi-Tec.

First, no Kempston Joystick support in 1990. Standard SuperB Hi-Tec Quality, I guess.

Second, redefining keys is broken, because you cannot choose any key that is used in menu (like "K"). Enjoy even more Hi-Tec quality.

And third, it is nigh impossible to hit anything with your peashooter called "laser", so the only option is to collide with an enemy, watch your energy drained, and then die.

The only redeeming quality of this game is its graphics: it is big and nice. Not up to 1990 standards, i'd say, but still nice and clean. If only Hi-Tec bothered to add the good game to this graphics...

Final score: 2, thanks to gfx. Too unplayable even for three pounds game.