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Review of 'Hydrofool'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Faster Than Light/Gargoyle (UK)
by Roy Carter, Greg Follis and Rob Hubbard

Sequel to the already excellent Sweevo's World, Hydrofool manages to be an upgrade on almost every aspect.
Even non-isometric fans can enjoy this great piece of software. Graphics, animation, sound and overall atmosphere is simply wonderful. And unlike some isometric games, Hydrofool doesn't suffer from slowness when the screen is crowded.
The game is filled with the usual puzzles found in titles like this one, but some are not so obvious for the casual player, specially without instructions, so some study must be done.
Also, the loading screen deserves a mention, I'm not sure but it does seem made using a technique popular this days but not usual back then.