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Review of '19 Part 1: Boot Camp'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Cascade Games (UK)
by Paul Laidlaw, Tony Warriner, Sean Conran and Damon Redmond

This a combat training game, it's loosely based on the Paul Hardcastle 1985 hit song, "19". and the same song features throughout the entire game. It's set in the Vietnam war, circa 1965 and you follow the training life of a nineteen year old kid ready to defend his countries honor.
If you've played Combat School, you know what to expect from 19. Each level is loaded separately. I've played at least four, the assault course, the shooting range, jeep driving and unarmed combat. All are very well depicted and nicely written, with smooth movements and nicely animated sprites. My favorite training is the unarmed combat, just because I find the combat perspective really neat and well thought out.
Overall, not as good as the boot camp favorite Combat School, but still a very worthy follower.

3,5 points