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Review of 'Gunfright'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Ultimate (UK)
by Chris Stamper

I'm not the biggest fan of isometric games and by this time this type of offerings were no longer a novelty and were starting to get a bit repetitive. It re-uses Filmation II from Nightshade, which is basically Filmation I with large scrolling environments, something already seen in the groundbreaking Ant Attack, the obvious inspiration for the Stamper Brothers. You also get buildings which will partially disappear when our character passes by them (maintaining just an outline of the buildings). But you end up with empty squared areas to move. This could have been enriched with objects, like furniture. Also this new engine made both Gunfright and Nightshade more straightforward shooter games, like Ant Attack was. Still the game has it's adventurous side and some planning is advised, because bullets are limited.
It can be fun but sometimes I find it a bit boring, because the task is always the same and executed almost always the same way. Maybe it would help to have a wider variety of townspeople. I no longer play it, but I remember spending some good times with it, the Stamper brothers always managed to give their games a great playing value.